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Tomas Gustafson


SportSpeed Skating
Born28 Dec 1959
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
Olympic Games
Olympic Games
    5000m 2      
    10000m 1 1    
World Allround Championships
World Allround Championships
    Allround   1    
World Junior Championships
World Junior Championships
    Allround 2      
European Allround Championships
European Allround Championships
    Allround 2 1 1  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    1981/1982 European Championships Allround1  
    1984 Olympic Games 5000m1  
    1988 Olympic Games 5000m1  
    1988 Olympic Games 10000m1  
    1987/1988 European Championships Allround1  
    1982/1983 World Allround Championships 10000m1  
    1982/1983 World Allround Championships Allround2  
    1981/1982 World Allround Championships 5000m2  
    1981/1982 World Allround Championships 10000m2  
    1989/1990 European Championships Allround2  
    1984 Olympic Games 10000m2  
    1985/1986 European Championships Allround3  
    1982/1983 European Championships Allround4  
    1979/1980 European Championships Allround4  
    1990/1991 World Allround Championships Allround5  
    1981/1982 World Allround Championships Allround5  
    1980/1981 World Allround Championships Allround6  
    1980 Olympic Games 1500m7  
    1983/1984 European Championships Allround7  
    1984/1985 European Championships Allround8  
    1978/1979 World Allround Championships Allround9  
    1991/1992 European Championships Allround10  
    1989/1990 World Allround Championships Allround11  
    1978/1979 European Championships Allround11  
    1980 Olympic Games 5000m12  
    1980 Olympic Games 10000m12  
    1992 Olympic Games 5000m13  
    1985/1986 World Allround Championships Allround16  
    1980/1981 European Championships Allround17  
    1984/1985 World Allround Championships Allround18  
    1977/1978 European Championships Allround19  
    1977/1978 World Allround Championships Allround20  
    1983/1984 World Allround Championships Allround20  
    1991/1992 World Allround Championships Allround20  
    1988/1989 World Allround Championships Allround22  
    1986/1987 European Championships Allround30  
    1984 Olympic Games 500m36  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    1987/1988 World Cup 5000/10000m1  
    1990/1991 World Cup Calgary, AB 1500m1  
    1987/1988 World Cup Davos 5000m1  
    1985/1986 World Cup Eindhoven 5000m1  
    1985/1986 World Cup Oslo 5000m1  
    1987/1988 World Cup Innsbruck 5000m1  
    1990/1991 World Cup Calgary, AB 5000m1  
    1985/1986 World Cup 5000/10000m2  
    1988/1989 World Cup Davos 3000m2  
    1987/1988 World Cup Calgary, AB 5000m2  
    1987/1988 World Cup Butte, MT 5000m2  
    1985/1986 World Cup Utrecht 1500m2  
    1990/1991 World Cup Collalbo 1500m2  
    1989/1990 World Cup Gothenburg 1500m2  
    1989/1990 World Cup The Hague 1500m2  
    1985/1986 World Cup Ístersund 5000m2  
    1988/1989 World Cup 5000/10000m3  
    1987/1988 World Cup Inzell 5000m3  
    1988/1989 World Cup Oslo 3000m3  
    1985/1986 World Cup Trondheim 5000m3  
    1989/1990 World Cup The Hague 5000m3