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Darius Eshete


SportSpeed Skating
Born17 Aug 1984 in  Perth
ResidenceCalgary, AB, CAN
OccupationAthlete, Personal Trainer
Higher educationExercise Science, Sports Physiology - Edith Cowan University: Perth, WA, AUS
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 40.08 30 Nov 2018 Calgary  
    1000m 1:17.89 08 Nov 2019 Calgary  
    1500m 1:57.12 10 Nov 2019 Calgary  
    5000m 6:55.84 26 Sep 2021 Calgary  
Social Media
Social Media  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?He began speed skating at age 29 in Calgary, AB, Canada.  
Reason for choosing this sportHe had wanted to practise speed skating since he had first seen the sport in Europe when he was age seven. "I dreamed of speed skating ever since I first saw marathon skating on Dutch TV during my first overseas trip as a seven year old in 1992. Many years later, I found myself in Canada on a failed working holiday trip with my partner at the time. And I thought to myself, 'Do I go back to Australia, or stay in Canada and follow a pipe dream?'"  
Club / TeamWestern Flames Ice Racing Club: Perth, WA, AUS  
General Interest
General Interest
HobbiesUrban inline skating, surfing. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs"Consuming blended arugula [rocket] pre-race when its available." (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Memorable sporting achievementRepresenting Australia at World Cup events. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Most influential person in careerAustralian speed skaters Daniel Greig and Josh Capponi. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Hero / IdolUS speed skaters Shani Davis and Joey Mantia. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Sporting philosophy / motto"Do it while you can before you can't." (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
Other informationLATE STARTER
He decided to take up speed skating at age 29, and balancing work and the sport since then has proved challenging. "[In 2014] I decided I wanted to go to World Cups and have a shot maybe at Olympics [by] starting speed skating at [age] 29 going on 30. Trying to make ends meet, driving an 800-dollar car, not being able to see my mother, sister and other family and mates who have supported me through thick and thin. Everybody moves on with life - family, kids - [while] I'm still doing circles on ice. Then this season [2019/20], not having a training group and also having some training options dissolve and not being fast enough for another. I elected to train alone instead and then train short track with a group once per week." (Instagram profile, 11 Nov 2019)

He has travelled regularly between Australia and Canada, and gained permanent residence in Canada in May 2019. The process took two years, including more than a year where he was unable to work legally and had to volunteer in order to maintain his professional contacts. "Now why am I in Canada? Oh yeah, that skating thing. So now, with access to medical health cover, I can actually see a doctor, dentist when I need to, see a physio regularly and be able to fund the ultimate goal of [speed skating at major events]. Times have certainly been challenging to say the least, and I was going to throw the towel in many times." (Instagram profile, 28 May 2019)

In 2009 he began studying for a postgraduate degree in exercise physiology at Edith Cowan University in Perth, WA, Australia. (LinkedIn profile, 01 May 2021)

He works as a personal trainer at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, AB, Canada. Prior to completing his university education he worked as a personal trainer and a tennis coach. Since graduating, he has worked as an exercise physiologist for organisations, as well as private individuals, in both Canada and Australia. (LinkedIn profile, 01 May 2021; Facebook profile, 06 Mar 2021)
Nicknames"Everybody just calls me 'D'. Some call me 'Dars'. Not a clue why." (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)  
InjuriesHe suffered a lower back injury in June 2019, and said in late 2021 that it was still causing "ongoing complications". (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)

In May 2019 he suffered a torn right hamstring that took three to four months to recover. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)

In 2017 he suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee that took six to eight weeks to recover. (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)

In 2015 he suffered a left ankle sprain that resulted in "limited ankle mobility and still affects my skating position today [in 2021]". (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)

He spent seven weeks in hospital at age nine after he was involved in a car accident that resulted in a compound fracture to his left leg [femur], a fracture to his left arm [ulna]. He also sustained a fractured skull and a concussion that saw him placed into an induced coma. (Instagram profile, 11 Nov 2019; Athlete, 02 Dec 2021)
AmbitionsTo compete at the Olympic Winter Games, have a top 10 mass start finish and qualify for the 5km at the World Cup (Athlete, 02 Dec 2021; Instagram profile, 11 Nov 2019)  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2020/2021 World Cup Mass Start 16 Laps27  
    2019/2020 World Cup Mass Start 16 Laps43