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Kim Tae-Yun


SportSpeed Skating
Born28 Sep 1994 in  Uijeongbu
ResidenceUijeongbu, KOR
Higher educationPhysical Education - Korea National Sport University: Seoul, KOR
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 34.49 09 Dec 2017 Salt Lake City, UT  
    1000m 1:08.08 10 Dec 2017 Salt Lake City, UT  
    1500m 1:51.51 08 Dec 2012 Inzell  
    5000m 7:19.63 09 Feb 2012 Seoul  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
Olympic Games
Olympic Games
    1000m     1  
World Single Distances Championships
World Single Distances Championships
    Team Sprint   1    
Social Media
Social Media  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?He began skating in grade two of primary school in 2002 in Uijeongbu, Republic of Korea.  
Club / TeamSeoul Metropolitan Government: Korea  
Name of coachYun Ui-Joong [club], KOR  
Reason for choosing this sportHis father and one of his teachers encouraged him to try the sport. He was also influenced by his cousin.  
General Interest
General Interest
Hero / IdolKorean speed skater Lee Sang-Hwa. (Athlete, 11 Nov 2017)  
AmbitionsTo win a gold medal in the 1000m at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. (, 25 Apr 2018)  
InjuriesHe sustained injuries to his left knee and his waist area during the 2015/16 season. The knee injury continued to affect him ahead of the 2017/18 season. (, 27 Mar 2018; Athlete, 11 Nov 2017;, 19 Apr 2016)

He had Osgood–Schlatter disease in his knees when he was a primary school student. (, 20 Feb 2013)
Memorable sporting achievementWinning bronze in the 1000m at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2019)  
Most influential person in careerHis parents. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2019)  
NicknamesHoppang Man ['Steamed Bun Man' in English because he has a round face]. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2019;, 19 Apr 2016)  
Sporting philosophy / motto"Do what I always do. Enjoy regardless of the outcome." (Athlete, 17 Nov 2018, 15 Nov 2019)  
HobbiesSinging. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2019)  
Other informationALCOHOL BAN
In August 2019 he was suspended, with four other skaters, for six months by the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee [KSOC] after being found to have consumed alcohol at the national training centre. The suspension originally handed out by the Korean Skating Federation [KSU] was for two months until KSOC decided to increase the ban. (, 15 Aug 2019)
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2018/2019 World Single Distances Championships Team Sprint2  
    2018 Olympic Games 1000m3  
    2015/2016 World Sprint Championships Overall5  
    2015/2016 World Single Distances Championships 2 x 500m6  
    2015/2016 World Single Distances Championships 1000m9  
    2013/2014 World Sprint Championships Overall12  
    2016/2017 World Single Distances Championships 1000m13  
    2016/2017 World Sprint Championships Overall14  
    2018/2019 World Single Distances Championships 1000m19  
    2018/2019 World Single Distances Championships 500m20  
    2016/2017 World Single Distances Championships 500m20  
    2014 Olympic Games 1000m30  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2016/2017 World Cup Harbin 500m3  
    2018/2019 World Cup 1000m11  
    2018/2019 World Cup 500m12  
    2015/2016 World Cup 1000m14  
    2016/2017 World Cup 500m16  
    2015/2016 World Cup 500m20  
    2017/2018 World Cup 1000m21  
    2016/2017 World Cup 1000m24  
    2017/2018 World Cup 500m31  
    2016/2017 World Cup Overall33  
    2013/2014 World Cup 1000m46  
    2013/2014 World Cup 500m54