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Jamie MacDonald


SportShort Track
Born22 Dec 1994 in Kitimat 
ResidenceCalgary, AB, CAN
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
World Championships
World Championships
    3000m Relay     1  
General Interest
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievementWinning silver in the 3000m relay at the 2015 World Cup event in Montreal, QC, Canada. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2016)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sport"My neighbours recommended it to me so I tried it out. I always kind of knew short track was what I wanted to do, it had all the elements that I love, like the speed and the tactics. You're in such tight quarters with all the other skaters and I love the competition of going out there and wanting to beat everybody on this line."  
General Interest
General Interest
Most influential person in careerCoach Maggie Qi. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2016)  
Hero / IdolCanadian short track skater Marie-Eve Drolet. (, 20 Aug 2017)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Name of coachFrederic Blackburn [national], CAN  
When and where did you begin this sport?She began skating in 2000 at the Fort St. James Falcons Speed Skating Club in British Columbia, Canada. At age 16 she moved to Calgary, AB, to begin training seriously at the Olympic Oval. "I had a lot of friends who skated with me at a young age and it was a lot of fun. Once I got older, people stopped skating and it was just me and my dad at some point and I knew then I had to move on to Calgary to train with people who were at my speed."  
General Interest
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto"I am a quiet and shy person. I don't have the big personality that some of my teammates have. I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves. I want to go out there and win. I want to show the world what I'm capable of and I don't think I need a big personality to do that." (, 08 Feb 2018)  
Other informationFURTHER EDUCATION
She has also studied at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. (Athlete, 02 Feb 2017)
HobbiesKnitting, hiking. (, 20 Aug 2017)  
Social Media
Social Media  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2017/2018 World Championships 3000m Relay3  
    2017/2018 World Championships 500m4  
    2018 Olympic Games 3000m Relay8  
    2017/2018 World Championships Overall9  
    2017/2018 World Championships 1500m36  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 500m2  
    2017/2018 Budapest 3000m Relay2  
    2015/2016 Montreal, QC 3000m Relay2  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 3000m Relay2  
    2016/2017 Dresden 500m3  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 3000m Relay3  
    2015/2016 Dordrecht 1000m3  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 3000m Relay3  
    2017/2018 Dordrecht 3000m Relay3  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 500m4  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 3000m Relay4  
    2016/2017 Minsk 3000m Relay4  
    2017/2018 Shanghai 3000m Relay4  
    2015/2016 Dresden 1000m5  
    2015/2016 Dresden 3000m Relay7  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m7  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 500m8  
    2016/2017 Minsk 1500m8  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 1000m8  
    2017/2018 Shanghai 1500m8  
    2016/2017 Dresden 1000m9  
    2017/2018 Shanghai 500m10  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 1500m11  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1000m11  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 500m12  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 1000m16  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 500m16  
    2015/2016 Dresden 1500m18  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 500m18  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 1500m19  
    2016/2017 Minsk 500m20  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 1500m24  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 1500m25  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 500m29  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 1000m34  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1500m37