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Ethan de Rose

New Zealand

SportShort Track
NOCNew Zealand
Born22 Apr 2002 in Christchurch 
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 44.022 06 Oct 2018 Melbourne  
    1000m 1:32.086 29 Jan 2017 Innsbruck  
    1500m 2:24.655 16 Sep 2017 Dunedin  
    3000m 4:57.729 10 Dec 2017 Melbourne  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sportHe first tried the sport at a learn-to-skate programme. "When I was four years old there was a newsletter and I went along for a free lesson for speed skating and it started from there. It's so tense and so strategic and you've just gotta give it everything you've got, so I love it."  
When and where did you begin this sport?He began skating at age four.  
Social Media
Social Media  
General Interest
General Interest
Other informationTRAINING ALONE
He is often the only New Zealand short track skater competing at international events, and has joined other national team's training camps to avoid training alone. In 2021 he spent time with the US national short track team. "The United States was basically the only country I could have gone to train at that point [due to COVID-19 restrictions]. Before that I was just training alone with my coach in New Zealand. But he couldn't come [to the 2021 World Cup event in Beijing, People's Republic of China] because he got diagnosed with a viral skin infection. I'm literally all by myself here. It's real lonely seeing the big countries with all their skaters, but I've become friends with people from a lot of teams over the past few years, so I tag along with them. I like being a role model for all the skaters back home." (, 28 Oct 2021)
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1500m17  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 1500m30  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 1000m30  
    2018/2019 World Championships 1000m40  
    2018/2019 World Championships 500m40  
    2017/2018 World Junior Championships Overall44  
    2018/2019 World Championships Overall45  
    2018/2019 World Championships 1500m45  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1000m45  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 500m49  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 500m51  
    2016/2017 World Junior Championships Overall67  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2019/2020 Dresden 1500m27  
    2019/2020 Dresden 500m39  
    2021/2022 World Cup Classification 500m58  
    2018/2019 Dresden 1500m59  
    2018/2019 Dresden 500m60  
    2021/2022 World Cup Classification 1500m64  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1500m80  
    2021/2022 World Cup Classification 1000m83  
    2018/2019 World Cup Classification 500m103  
    2018/2019 World Cup Classification 1500m106  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 500m108