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Peter Murphy


SportShort Track
Born24 Mar 2000 in Luxembourg 
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Luxembourgish
ResidenceHeerenveen, NED
Higher educationExercise Science, Sports Science - LUNEX University: Differdange, LUX
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 42.656 02 Nov 2018 Calgary  
    1000m 1:26.316 03 Feb 2023 Dresden  
    1500m 2:16.151 10 Mar 2023 Seoul  
General Interest
General Interest
InjuriesHe underwent back surgery and missed the 2021/22 season. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)

He missed most of the 2015/16 season after sustaining a back injury. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019)
Memorable sporting achievementWinning gold [1500m] and silver [500m] at the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Erzurum, Turkiye. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
Famous relativesHis younger sister Caroline has represented Luxembourg in short track, and made her World Cup debut in 2018. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023; SportsDeskOnline, 04 Feb 2021;, 28 Jan 2019)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sport"I regularly went ice skating with my family at public sessions, and decided to take up short track after watching my sister compete."  
General Interest
General Interest
Most influential person in careerHis parents, and coach Gregory Durand. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
Hero / IdolRussian short track skater Victor An, English footballer Frank Lampard. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
Awards and honoursIn 2017 he was named Young Sportsman of the Year at the Luxembourg Sports Press Awards ceremony. (, 19 Dec 2017)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Name of coachDave Versteeg [personal], NED  
When and where did you begin this sport?He took up the sport in 2010 in Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg.  
General Interest
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto"Mistakes and setbacks are opportunities to learn." (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
AmbitionsTo compete at the 2026 Olympic Winter Games in Milan-Cortina. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Club / TeamClub Hiversport Luxembourg Patinage de Vitesse: Luxembourg  
General Interest
General Interest
HobbiesReading, cooking. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)  
Other informationOTHER ACTIVITIES
He volunteered as part of the European Young Olympic Ambassador [EYOA] Programme for the summer and winter editions of the 2023 European Youth Olympic Festival [EYOF]. (Athlete, 14 Feb 2023)
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1000m27  
    2023/2024 European Championships 1500m30  
    2020/2021 World Championships 1000m31  
    2023/2024 European Championships 500m32  
    2019/2020 European Championships 1500m32  
    2023/2024 World Championships 1500m33  
    2023/2024 European Championships 1000m33  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 500m34  
    2022/2023 World Championships 500m35  
    2019/2020 European Championships 500m35  
    2022/2023 European Championships 1500m36  
    2020/2021 European Championships 1500m37  
    2020/2021 European Championships 1000m37  
    2020/2021 World Championships 1500m38  
    2022/2023 European Championships 500m38  
    2019/2020 European Championships 1000m38  
    2022/2023 European Championships 1000m39  
    2020/2021 World Championships Overall39  
    2020/2021 European Championships 500m39  
    2019/2020 European Championships Overall40  
    2020/2021 World Championships 500m41  
    2020/2021 European Championships Overall41  
    2023/2024 World Championships 1000m42  
    2023/2024 World Championships 500m42  
    2022/2023 World Championships 1000m43  
    2022/2023 World Championships 1500m43  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1500m66  
    2016/2017 World Junior Championships Overall85  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2023/2024 Dresden 1000m25  
    2018/2019 Salt Lake City, UT 1000m30  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 1500m30  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 1000m33  
    2019/2020 Shanghai 1500m33  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 500m35  
    2018/2019 Calgary, AB 1000m36  
    2018/2019 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m37  
    2023/2024 Dresden 1000m38  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m39  
    2019/2020 Shanghai 500m39  
    2019/2020 Dresden 1500m40  
    2018/2019 Calgary, AB 500m42  
    2022/2023 Dresden 1000m42  
    2022/2023 Dresden 500m47  
    2019/2020 Dresden 1000m54  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1500m82  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 500m91  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 500m97  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1000m98  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 1000m99  
    2018/2019 World Cup Classification 1000m100  
    2018/2019 World Cup Classification 1500m103  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 1500m104  
    2018/2019 World Cup Classification 500m120