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Adriaan Dewagtere


SportShort Track
Born04 Jul 2001
OccupationArmed Forces Athlete
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 41.283 15 Mar 2024 Rotterdam  
    1000m 1:24.511 27 Oct 2023 Montreal  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
European Championships
European Championships
    2000m Relay   1 1  
    5000m Relay   1    
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Club / TeamShorttrackclub Kristallijn Gent [STKG]: Belgium  
General Interest
General Interest
InjuriesIn December 2020 he sustained a laceration to the gluteal muscle [buttocks] during a training crash with national teammate Ward Petre in Hasselt, Belgium. He underwent surgery and returned to training in January 2021. "Due to an overtaking action, I went into the corner short. The ice broke away and then we fell together. Ward's blade hit my back, hitting the artery and gluteus. The blood loss apparently caused my body to go into shock, but I can't really remember that." (, 26 Jan 2021;, 11 Dec 2020)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Name of coachIngmar van Riel [national]  
Social Media
Social Media  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2022/2023 European Championships 2000m Relay2  
    2023/2024 European Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2023/2024 European Championships 2000m Relay3  
    2022/2023 European Championships 5000m Relay5  
    2018/2019 European Championships 5000m Relay6  
    2023/2024 World Championships 5000m Relay7  
    2022/2023 World Championships 5000m Relay11  
    2023/2024 European Championships 500m15  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 3000m Relay15  
    2023/2024 World Championships 500m16  
    2023/2024 European Championships 1500m23  
    2022/2023 European Championships 1000m24  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 1500m25  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 500m45  
    2022/2023 World Championships 1000m48  
    2019/2020 World Junior Championships 1000m49  
    2017/2018 World Junior Championships Overall51  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1000m54  
    2023/2024 World Championships 1000m55  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 500m55  
    2018/2019 World Junior Championships 1500m56  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2022/2023 Almaty 2000m Relay3  
    2023/2024 Seoul 5000m Relay3  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 2000m Relay4  
    2022/2023 Almaty 5000m Relay7  
    2023/2024 Dresden 2000m Relay8  
    2022/2023 Dresden 5000m Relay10  
    2023/2024 Dresden 5000m Relay11  
    2022/2023 Almaty 5000m Relay12  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 5000m Relay13  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 500m15  
    2022/2023 Almaty 500m21  
    2023/2024 Dresden 1000m26  
    2022/2023 Dresden 1500m29  
    2019/2020 Dresden 1500m31  
    2023/2024 World Cup Classification 500m35  
    2022/2023 Almaty 500m36  
    2022/2023 Almaty 1000m37  
    2022/2023 Dresden 1000m43  
    2022/2023 Almaty 1500m43  
    2023/2024 Gdansk 500m44  
    2023/2024 Dresden 1000m55  
    2019/2020 Dresden 1000m55  
    2023/2024 World Cup Classification Overall71  
    2021/2022 World Cup Classification 500m81  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1500m90  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1000m136