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Zhong Yuchen


SportShort Track
Born01 Jun 1998
ResidenceJiamusi, CHN
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 40.286 11 Nov 2022 Salt Lake City, UT  
    1000m 1:24.054 12 Nov 2022 Salt Lake City, UT  
    1500m 2:18.037 04 Mar 2019 Krasnoyarsk  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
World Championships
World Championships
    2000m Relay   1    
    5000m Relay 1      
General Interest
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievementWinning a gold medal in the men's 5000m relay at the 2023 World Championships in Seoul, Republic of Korea. (The Paper, 18 Apr 2023)  
Hero / IdolRussian-Korean short track skater Victor An. (Athlete, 06 Dec 2019)  
Awards and honoursIn 2023 he was named an Elite Athlete of International Class by the Chinese Skating Association. (Chinese Skating Association, 01 May 2023)

In 2018 he was named an Elite Athlete of National Class by the General Administration of Sport of China. (, 01 Feb 2018)
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Name of coachZhang Jing [national]  
General Interest
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto"The key of the sport is training. If you don't train enough, you won't know what to do. If you can't defend or make passes during training, you can't do it in competitions either." (The Paper, 18 Apr 2023)  
Social Media
Social Media  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Club / TeamHeilongjiang Province: China  
Reason for choosing this sportThere was no school in the village he grew up in, so he was sent Jiamusi, People's Republic of China, where he stayed with a physical education teacher and attended school. The teacher would skate outdoors every winter and Zhong got involved in the sport too. "I was training in speed skating before, and didn't know about short track skating until I moved to Jiamusi and saw people skating in the venue. But the track was so little and the skaters touched ice every time they made a turn. I found this sport so cool and thought about committing to it."  
When and where did you begin this sport?He took up short track skating in Jiamusi, People's Republic of China.  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2022/2023 Four Continents Championships 5000m Relay1  
    2022/2023 World Championships 5000m Relay1  
    2022/2023 Four Continents Championships 2000m Relay2  
    2023/2024 Four Continents Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2022/2023 World Championships 2000m Relay2  
    2023/2024 Four Continents Championships 2000m Relay1  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2022/2023 Salt Lake City, UT 2000m Relay1  
    2022/2023 Dresden 5000m Relay1  
    2022/2023 Almaty 2000m Relay2  
    2022/2023 Dresden 500m2  
    2022/2023 Dordrecht 5000m Relay2  
    2022/2023 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay3  
    2022/2023 Almaty 5000m Relay5  
    2022/2023 Almaty 500m5  
    2022/2023 World Cup Classification 500m6  
    2022/2023 Dresden 2000m Relay7  
    2022/2023 Almaty 5000m Relay8  
    2022/2023 Almaty 500m8  
    2022/2023 Almaty 500m9  
    2022/2023 Salt Lake City, UT 500m11  
    2022/2023 World Cup Classification Overall18  
    2022/2023 Salt Lake City, UT 500m19  
    2022/2023 Dresden 1000m23  
    2022/2023 World Cup Classification 1000m27  
    2022/2023 Almaty 1000m30  
    2019/2020 World Cup Classification 1500m49