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Viktor Knoch


SportShort Track
Born12 Dec 1989 in Pécs 
LanguagesEnglish, German, Hungarian
Higher educationEconomics, Management - Budapest Metropolitan University: Hungary
FamilyWife Marta, son Oliver
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    1000m 1:24.336 15 Jan 2017 Turin  
    1500m 2:13.949 04 Mar 2016 Shanghai  
    3000m 4:51.389 21 Jan 2007 Sheffield  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
Olympic Games
Olympic Games
    5000m Relay 1      
World Championships
World Championships
    5000m Relay   1 1  
European Championships
European Championships
    5000m Relay   4 4  
    Overall     1  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sportHe followed his older brother Balazs into the sport.  
General Interest
General Interest
Most influential person in careerHis older brother Balazs. (Athlete, 08 Nov 2017)  
Hero / IdolUS short track skater John Celski. (Athlete, 12 Feb 2016)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?He took up short track in 1996 in Pecs, Hungary.  
General Interest
General Interest
Famous relativesHis older brother Balazs competed in short track at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, and his wife Marta [nee Wojcik] represented Poland in the sport at international level. (Facebook profile, 10 Apr 2017;, 09 Jun 2016; SportsDeskOnline, 15 Feb 2015;, 20 Nov 2013)  
Social Media
Social Media  
General Interest
General Interest
Other informationOTHER ACTIVITIES
In March 2017 he was elected as short track representative on the Athletes' Commission of the International Skating Union [ISU]. (, 10 Mar 2017)
Sporting philosophy / motto"Go hard or go home." (Athlete, 08 Nov 2017)  
InjuriesIn the 2017 European summer he suffered an ankle injury at a training camp in Italy, but recovered in time to compete at the opening World Cup event of 2017/18 in Budapest, Hungary. (, 29 Sep 2017;, 19 Sep 2017)

He suffered a broken leg in 2001. (Athlete, 08 Nov 2017)
Memorable sporting achievementWinning the 500m at the 2014/15 World Cup event in Erzurum, Turkiye. (Athlete, 08 Nov 2017)  
MilestonesHe was part of the men's 5000m relay team that won Hungary's first gold medal in any sport at the Olympic Winter Games by claiming victory at the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang. (OIS, 22 Feb 2018)

In February 2015 he became the first short track skater representing Hungary to win an individual World Cup event when he was victorious in the 500m in Erzurum, Turkiye. (, 27 Oct 2015; SportsDeskOnline, 15 Feb 2015)
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2018 Olympic Games 5000m Relay1  
    2015/2016 European Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2014/2015 World Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2014/2015 European Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2006/2007 European Championships 5000m Relay2  
    2008/2009 European Championships Overall3  
    2016/2017 World Championships 5000m Relay3  
    2017/2018 European Championships 5000m Relay3  
    2008/2009 European Championships 5000m Relay3  
    2012/2013 European Championships 5000m Relay3  
    2015/2016 World Championships 5000m Relay4  
    2016/2017 European Championships 5000m Relay4  
    2016/2017 European Championships 1500m5  
    2008/2009 World Junior Championships Overall5  
    2006/2007 European Championships Overall5  
    2006 Olympic Games 1500m5  
    2013/2014 European Championships 5000m Relay5  
    2016/2017 World Championships 500m5  
    2016/2017 European Championships 500m6  
    2006/2007 World Junior Championships Overall6  
    2008/2009 World Junior Championships 3000m Relay6  
    2005/2006 European Championships 5000m Relay6  
    2006/2007 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay6  
    2007/2008 European Championships 5000m Relay6  
    2010/2011 European Championships 5000m Relay6  
    2006/2007 World Championships 1000m7  
    2016/2017 World Championships 1500m7  
    2016/2017 European Championships Overall7  
    2014/2015 European Championships Overall7  
    2016/2017 European Championships 1000m8  
    2012/2013 World Championships 500m8  
    2014/2015 World Championships 500m8  
    2011/2012 European Championships 5000m Relay8  
    2012/2013 World Championships 5000m Relay8  
    2017/2018 World Championships 5000m Relay8  
    2007/2008 World Junior Championships Overall9  
    2015/2016 European Championships Overall9  
    2007/2008 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay9  
    2005/2006 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay9  
    2017/2018 European Championships 1000m10  
    2005/2006 World Championships Overall11  
    2006/2007 World Championships Overall11  
    2016/2017 World Championships Overall11  
    2014 Olympic Games 500m12  
    2005/2006 World Championships 1500m13  
    2005/2006 World Championships 500m13  
    2006/2007 World Championships 1500m13  
    2006/2007 World Championships 500m13  
    2012/2013 European Championships Overall13  
    2014/2015 World Championships 1000m13  
    2014/2015 World Championships 1500m13  
    2017/2018 European Championships Overall13  
    2004/2005 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay13  
    2014/2015 World Championships Overall14  
    2011/2012 World Championships 1000m14  
    2017/2018 European Championships 500m14  
    2013/2014 European Championships Overall14  
    2015/2016 World Championships 1000m15  
    2005/2006 World Championships 1000m16  
    2005/2006 World Junior Championships Overall16  
    2007/2008 European Championships Overall18  
    2014 Olympic Games 1000m18  
    2012/2013 World Championships 1000m18  
    2009/2010 European Championships Overall20  
    2016/2017 World Championships 1000m20  
    2015/2016 World Championships 1500m20  
    2010 Olympic Games 1000m21  
    2011/2012 World Championships 1500m21  
    2011/2012 World Championships Overall21  
    2017/2018 European Championships 1500m21  
    2011/2012 World Championships 500m23  
    2012/2013 World Championships Overall24  
    2010 Olympic Games 500m25  
    2015/2016 World Championships Overall27  
    2018 Olympic Games 500m28  
    2010 Olympic Games 1500m30  
    2008/2009 World Championships 1500m31  
    2014 Olympic Games 1500m34  
    2005/2006 European Championships Overall35  
    2015/2016 World Championships 500m48  
    2008/2009 World Championships Overall52  
    2004/2005 World Junior Championships Overall56  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2015/2016 Shanghai 5000m Relay1  
    2014/2015 Erzurum 500m1  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 5000m Relay1  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 5000m Relay1  
    2014/2015 Montreal, QC 5000m Relay2  
    2014/2015 Dresden 5000m Relay2  
    2015/2016 Montreal, QC 5000m Relay3  
    2015/2016 Toronto, ON 500m3  
    2014/2015 Dresden 500m4  
    2016/2017 Dresden 5000m Relay4  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 1000m4  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 5000m Relay4  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 500m5  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 500m6  
    2014/2015 Dresden 1500m6  
    2017/2018 Shanghai 5000m Relay6  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 500m7  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay7  
    2015/2016 Dresden 5000m Relay9  
    2012/2013 Dresden 1500m9  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 500m10  
    2014/2015 Erzurum 1500m11  
    2010/2011 Dresden 5000m Relay11  
    2012/2013 Dresden 5000m Relay11  
    2005/2006 World Cup Classification 1500m12  
    2008/2009 Dresden 5000m Relay12  
    2006/2007 World Cup Classification 1000m14  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 500m14  
    2015/2016 Dresden 500m15  
    2016/2017 Dresden 1000m16  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 1500m17  
    2012/2013 World Cup Classification 1000m17  
    2010/2011 Dresden 500m17  
    2013/2014 World Cup Classification 1500m18  
    2005/2006 World Cup Classification Overall18  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 500m20  
    2008/2009 Dresden 1500m21  
    2016/2017 Dresden 500m21  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 1000m22  
    2012/2013 Dresden 500m22  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 500m22  
    2009/2010 World Cup Classification 500m23  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 1000m24  
    2013/2014 World Cup Classification 500m26  
    2005/2006 World Cup Classification 1000m27  
    2009/2010 World Cup Classification 1000m28  
    2012/2013 World Cup Classification 1500m28  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 1000m29  
    2013/2014 World Cup Classification 1000m33  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 1500m33  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 1000m33  
    2006/2007 World Cup Classification 1500m36  
    2008/2009 Dresden 500m38  
    2009/2010 World Cup Classification 1500m39  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1000m41  
    2005/2006 World Cup Classification 500m42  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 500m43  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 1000m45  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1500m45  
    2011/2012 World Cup Classification 500m49  
    2010/2011 World Cup Classification 1000m51  
    2012/2013 World Cup Classification 500m59  
    2010/2011 World Cup Classification 500m64  
    2007/2008 World Cup Classification 1500m77  
    2011/2012 World Cup Classification 1000m85  
    2007/2008 World Cup Classification 1000m85  
    2017/2018 World Cup Classification 500m108