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Lee Jung-Su

Republic of Korea

SportShort Track
NOCRepublic of Korea
Born30 Nov 1989 in Seoul 
ResidenceSeoul, KOR
Higher educationPhysical Education - Dankook University: Yongin, KOR
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 41.245 14 Dec 2014 Shanghai  
    1000m 1:23.747 20 Feb 2010 Vancouver  
    1500m 2:08.646 13 Nov 2016 Salt Lake City, UT  
    3000m 4:41.954 27 Mar 2010 Bormio  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
Olympic Games
Olympic Games
    1000m 1      
    1500m 1      
    5000m Relay   1    
World Championships
World Championships
    5000m Relay 1   1  
World Junior Championships
World Junior Championships
    2000m Relay 2      
    Overall 1 2    
World Team Championships
World Team Championships
    Team 2      
General Interest
General Interest
Famous relativesHis older sister has competed as a professional wakeboarder. (NBC, 10 Feb 2010)  
Hero / IdolPortuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Russian short track skater Victor An. (Athlete, 09 Dec 2015)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?He began skating at age 12 at the ice rink in front of his elementary school.  
General Interest
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto"The goal is perfection and I won't settle for anything else." (NBC, 10 Feb 2010)  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Club / TeamGoyang City: Korea  
General Interest
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievementWinning gold in the 1000m and 1500m at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. (Athlete, 09 Dec 2015)  
Most influential person in careerHis family, his coaches, and Russian short track skater Victor An. (Athlete, 09 Dec 2015)  
HobbiesWatching movies. (, 17 Apr 2014)  
InjuriesHe injured his back during the 2011/12 season and was unable to skate for about five months. (, 15 May 2014;, 07 Apr 2014)

He injured his ankle during the 2011/12 season. (, 04 Feb 2012)
Other sportsPrimarily a short track skater, having won two gold medals in the sport at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, he switched to speed skating ahead of both the 2014 and 2018 Games in an attempt to be selected for the Korean Olympic team. (SportsDeskOnline, 16 Oct 2017;, 11 Aug 2017;, 22 Oct 2013)  
AmbitionsTo compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 15 May 2014)  
Awards and honoursHe received an Excellence Group Award with his teammates, and was also named Best New Athlete at the 2010 Coca-Cola Athletics Awards Ceremony in the Republic of Korea. (, 31 Mar 2010)  
After failing to gain selection for the Korean short track team ahead of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, he switched to speed skating in an attempt to qualify for the event. He did not finish high enough at the Olympic trials, and in April 2014 he announced he would be returning to short track. He made the same switch in August 2017 to try and gain selection for the national speed skating team ahead of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. His focus was specifically the mass start event. (, 11 Aug 2017;, 15 May 2014;, 28 Feb 2014;, 22 Oct 2013;, 06 Jun 2013)

In May 2010 he was banned from competition for three years by the Korea Skating Union [KSU] as a result of his involvement in rigging the outcome of short track races. Along with national teammate Kwak Yoon-Gy, he was punished by a special joint committee that comprised of members of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Olympic Committee [KOC] and the KSU. The pair later had their suspensions reduced to six months on appeal, but Kwak's coach Jeon Jae-Mok was given a life ban. (, 03 Feb 2011;, 19 May 2010;, 05 May 2010)
Social Media
Social Media  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sportHe took up the sport as a hobby.  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2005/2006 World Junior Championships Overall1  
    2010 Olympic Games 1500m1  
    2010 Olympic Games 1000m1  
    2009/2010 World Team Championships Team1  
    2007/2008 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay1  
    2009/2010 World Championships 5000m Relay1  
    2006/2007 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay1  
    2008/2009 World Team Championships Team1  
    2007/2008 World Junior Championships Overall2  
    2006/2007 World Junior Championships Overall2  
    2010 Olympic Games 5000m Relay2  
    2011/2012 World Championships 5000m Relay3  
    2014/2015 World Championships 5000m Relay4  
    2008/2009 World Championships 5000m Relay6  
    2016/2017 World Championships 5000m Relay8  
    2016/2017 World Championships 1000m8  
    2016/2017 World Championships Overall14  
    2016/2017 World Championships 500m19  
    2016/2017 World Championships 1500m20  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2009/2010 World Cup Classification 1000m1  
    2009/2010 World Cup Classification 1500m1  
    2009/2010 Beijing 1000m1  
    2011/2012 Moscow 1500m1  
    2008/2009 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m1  
    2009/2010 Marquette, MI 1500m1  
    2008/2009 Vancouver 1000m1  
    2008/2009 Nagano 1500m1  
    2008/2009 Vancouver 1500m1  
    2008/2009 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay1  
    2014/2015 Montreal, QC 5000m Relay1  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 1500m1  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 1500m1  
    2014/2015 Shanghai 5000m Relay1  
    2014/2015 Seoul 3000m1  
    2009/2010 Beijing 5000m Relay1  
    2009/2010 Seoul 5000m Relay1  
    2009/2010 Montreal, QC 5000m Relay1  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 1500m2  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 1500m2  
    2009/2010 Marquette, MI 1000m2  
    2009/2010 Seoul 1500m2  
    2009/2010 Montreal, QC 1000m2  
    2008/2009 Sofia 1000m2  
    2014/2015 Erzurum 5000m Relay2  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m2  
    2008/2009 Dresden 5000m Relay2  
    2008/2009 Nagano 5000m Relay2  
    2011/2012 Moscow 5000m Relay2  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 1000m3  
    2009/2010 Beijing 1500m3  
    2008/2009 Salt Lake City, UT 1000m3  
    2008/2009 Sofia 1000m3  
    2011/2012 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m3  
    2015/2016 Dordrecht 1500m3  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 5000m Relay3  
    2014/2015 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m3  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 5000m Relay3  
    2011/2012 Dordrecht 5000m Relay3  
    2011/2012 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay3  
    2009/2010 Marquette, MI 5000m Relay3  
    2015/2016 Dresden 5000m Relay4  
    2014/2015 Dresden 5000m Relay4  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m4  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 1500m5  
    2016/2017 Gangneung 5000m Relay5  
    2008/2009 Dresden 1500m8  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 1500m8  
    2016/2017 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay8  
    2016/2017 Calgary, AB 1000m8  
    2011/2012 World Cup Classification 1500m9  
    2014/2015 Dresden 1500m9  
    2008/2009 Dresden 500m12  
    2014/2015 Erzurum 1500m12  
    2016/2017 Shanghai 500m19  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1500m20  
    2011/2012 World Cup Classification 500m23  
    2011/2012 World Cup Classification 1000m23  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 1000m25  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 1000m27  
    2014/2015 Erzurum 1000m33  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 1000m40  
    2008/2009 World Cup Classification 500m42  
    2014/2015 World Cup Classification 500m46  
    2014/2015 Dresden 1000m53  
    2015/2016 Dresden 1000m54  
    2016/2017 World Cup Classification 500m64  
    2015/2016 World Cup Classification 500m76