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Park In Wook


SportShort Track
Born03 May 1994 in Seoul 
ResidenceSeoul, KOR
Higher educationPhysical Education - Korea National Sport University: Seoul, KOR
Personal Bests
Personal Bests
  Event RecordDateLocation 
    500m 40.665 09 Feb 2020 Dresden  
    1000m 1:25.180 26 Nov 2021 Dordrecht  
    1500m 2:13.369 02 Nov 2019 Salt Lake City, UT  
Main Achievements
Main Achievements
World Championships
World Championships
    5000m Relay 1      
Social Media
Social Media  
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Club / TeamDaejeon Sports Council: Korea  
When and where did you begin this sport?He took up the sport in 2001 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.  
Reason for choosing this sportHe began skating so he could spend time with his friends.  
Name of coachBaek Kuk-Kun, KOR  
General Interest
General Interest
He considered retiring from the sport in late 2018 after struggling with his form and having his contract with Hwangseong City Hall terminated. However, he decided to continue skating after he was called up to the Korean national team for the first time ahead of the 2019/20 season. "My career began to decline when I suffered the second fracture to my left thigh in 2012 in grade 11 of high school. My doctor even recommended I change my career path. I was afraid because I couldn't skate like before, after a nine-month break. I wanted to have a fresh start at the Korea National Sport University, but it didn't go as well as I wished and I considered retiring in my last year of university. However, I couldn't say the words 'give up' to my parents who had sacrificed a lot for me and dreamed of me representing the Republic of Korea. I wasn't able to find a new club until the beginning of 2019, so I decided to think about my future, which depended on the outcome of the national team selection trials in April 2019. I skated for three months like it was my last chance to skate, so I prepared for the trials without any regrets." (, 10 Apr 2019;, 02 Feb 2020)
HobbiesPlaying video games. (Athlete, 25 Nov 2021)  
AmbitionsTo win a medal at the Olympic Winter Games. (Athlete, 25 Nov 2021)  
Most influential person in careerKorean short track skaters Kwak Yoon-Gy and Lee Ho-Suk, coach Baek Kuk-Kun, Russian short track skater Victor An. (Athlete, 06 Feb 2020, 05 Dec 2019, 25 Nov 2021)  
Hero / IdolRussian short track skater Victor An. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019)  
InjuriesIn 2009 he fractured his left femur [thigh bone] after falling during training and colliding with the fence. He underwent surgery to insert a metal rod in his leg and was initially sidelined for five months. He required a second operation in 2012 after refracturing his left femur and was sidelined for a further nine months. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019;, 10 Apr 2019;, 12 Feb 2012)

He suffered a back injury in 2008. (, 10 Apr 2019)

He broke his nose in 2003. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019)

In 2002 he fractured his right ankle. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019)
Memorable sporting achievementPlacing third in the 500m at the 2019 World Cup event in Nagoya, Japan. (Athlete, 25 Nov 2021)  
Sporting philosophy / motto"Believe in yourself. Don't compare yourself to others." (Athlete, 05 Dec 2019)  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2021/2022 World Championships 5000m Relay1  
    2010/2011 World Junior Championships 3000m Relay8  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2019/2020 World Cup Nagoya 2000m Relay1  
    2021/2022 World Cup Dordrecht 5000m Relay1  
    2019/2020 Dresden 5000m Relay1  
    2019/2020 World Cup Montreal, QC 5000m Relay2  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 5000m Relay2  
    2019/2020 World Cup Montreal, QC 1000m2  
    2019/2020 World Cup Nagoya 1500m2  
    2019/2020 World Cup Nagoya 5000m Relay2  
    2021/2022 World Cup Debrecen 5000m Relay2  
    2019/2020 World Cup Dordrecht 2000m Relay2  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 2000m Relay3  
    2019/2020 World Cup Nagoya 500m3  
    2019/2020 Shanghai 5000m Relay3  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 500m5  
    2019/2020 Shanghai 500m5  
    2019/2020 Dresden 2000m Relay5  
    2019/2020 Dresden 500m6  
    2019/2020 World Cup 1500m7  
    2019/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 1500m7  
    2019/2020 World Cup 500m8  
    2019/2020 World Cup 1000m8  
    2019/2020 Shanghai 500m10  
    2021/2022 World Cup 1000m51  
    2021/2022 World Cup 500m53